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Unlocking the Audio Vault!

Many moons ago, I was a foreign correspondent reporting from some of the world's most intriguing - and hair-raising - places. I interviewed presidents, rebel leaders, and peace makers - but without fail my most popular stories involved elephants! I took this shot at the Pinnewala elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka in 2005.

Every six weeks or so I open up my radio reporter 'audio vault' in a newsletter I call "Adventures for the Housebound and Curious". With COVID-19 restricting international travel, it's an easy way to travel the world! It also includes updates and behind the scenes info about my international bestselling novel, When the Apricots Bloom - and the occasional shot of my furless cat, Obiwan!.

I've add a link below where you can sample the very first issue I sent out about a year ago, including an audio story on a unique way to limit human/elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, and subscribe for future issues :

I try to send a newsletter about once every six weeks - you can unsubscribe any time! The next issue will come out later this week.

All the best!


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