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Hachette to publish When the Apricots Bloom Down Under!

I'm very excited to announce that Hachette has acquired the publishing rights for When the Apricots Bloom for Australia and New Zealand. That means readers Down Under will not need to import a copy from the US - instead they can pick up a copy at their local bookstore at the end of December or reserve a copy on Amazon Australia. North American friends, the fine folks at Kensington Books will be releasing the novel in February.  Because we like to do things a little differently Down Under, the Australian edition is getting it's own cover. Look closely and you'll see it puts a bit more emphasis on the suspenseful elements of the plot. This is actually an early copy - the sneaky snake is more prominent on the final version. And to make it even more appealing for local readers, Hachette even had it copy-edited into Australian English. All I can say is, bewdy, mate! 

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