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When the Apricots Bloom named one of the 30 Great Reads of fall/winter 2020!

Picture this: I wake up bleary eyed, check the online news - and almost spill my coffee in my lap. Why, you ask? I'd just spotted my name in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Associated Press. They were reporting that my upcoming novel When the Apricots Bloom had been selected by an influential publishing industry body as one of the '30 Great Reads' coming out in the fall/winter in North America. I was gobsmacked!

Judging was carried out by a panel of experienced publishers, literary agents, and book buyers and covers all genres, including non-fiction, YA, adult, and other genres. So if you need a quick diversion from lock down life, why not download excerpts of all 30 Buzz Books for free, including works from Ken Follett, Sue Miller, and me!

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