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When the Apricots Bloom

When the Apricots Bloom.jpg

International bestseller, Target Book Club Pick of the Month, and one of the Women's National Booksellers Association top 20 books of 2022 

Inspired by her experiences stationed in Baghdad during the rule of Saddam Hussein, former foreign correspondent Gina Wilkinson's evocative, suspenseful debut is told through the eyes of three very different women in Iraq at the turn of the millennia.


A secretary, an artist and a diplomat’s wife must confront the complexities of trust, friendship, and motherhood under the rule of a dictator and his ruthless secret policeRead more

"In this vivid debut, set in early 2000s Baghdad, secrets and lies mingle as easily as the scent of apricot blossoms and nargilah smoke. Richly drawn characters and a high-stakes plot." 

Publishers Weekly


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Gina Wilkinson is a former foreign correspondent turned novelist.  A nomadic childhood & decades living and working in the world's most intriguing places inspire her writing today. Read more→

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